Documentum Delivers eRoom Enterprise

Feb 25, 2003

Documentum, a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) and extended enterprise collaboration (EEC), has announced the availability of Documentum eRoom Enterprise. This new offering, which integrates eRoom's collaboration product with the Documentum ECM platform, enables organizations to collaboratively create, share, manage, deliver, reuse, and archive content and best practices. eRoom Enterprise offers unified content and collaboration services for all types of project work and all types of content, including documents, email, Web pages, records, and rich media, both across and beyond the enterprise. To meet customer, partner and market demand, Documentum is delivering eRoom Enterprise within 90 days of acquiring eRoom Technology and its collaboration software and services. With eRoom Enterprise, Documentum ECM customers can now collaborate as they create, manage, share distribute, and archive content, and existing eRoom customers can take advantage of Documentum's ECM capabilities, to search, review, share, reuse, and archive content created and saved within all eRoom team environments. eRoom Enterprise's collaboration features are designed to help organizations unify, streamline, and leverage collaborative efforts and collective knowledge, enabling: rapid team assimilation; faster decision-making and project execution; access to and sharing of decisions, outcomes, and all content and context across project teams; streamlined business processes with appropriate degree of structure; and a secure environment to work collaboratively with external partners and suppliers.