DocuLex and dtSearch Introduce New Version of WebSearch

Nov 28, 2006

DocuLex, Inc., a document management company, and dtSearch Corp., a developer of text search software for enterprise and developer customers around the world, have introduced a new version of WebSearch, DocuLex's web-based document management application, providing "Instant Document Access" from any location. The new version includes Active Directory and public key infrastructure (PKI) enhancements. Active Directory integration is designed to enable heightened security via access permission grants and subsequent tracking. WebSearch also serves as a document hosting facilitator, with PKI providing encryption and digital signature security for outsourcing daily use information access to stored electronic files. The program manages SSL remote security and retrieval of various file formats, including MS Office, PDF, and email. Retrieval tracking and activity logging assists with compliance of privacy laws, including HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Also new for users is an updated interface with functionality similar to an internet search engine key word query. The server-based software automates complex document organizational functions, including file room views, which provide a visual representation of hard copy document storage housed in a physical records library. DocuLex WebSearch utilizes the dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET. The dtSearch Engine can index over a terabyte of text in a single index, as well as create and simultaneously search an unlimited number of indexes. Indexed search time is typically less than a second, across terabytes of data. The dtSearch Engine supports distributed or federated searching across multiple data sources, and includes access to dtSearch's built-in Web Spider. The dtSearch Engine offers more than two dozen search options with support for various data types. After a search, the dtSearch Engine highlights hits in HTML, XML, and PDF, while displaying links, formatting, and images. The built-in dtSearch Spider supports static and dynamic web content, with WYSIWYG hit-highlighting. Additionally the dtSearch Engine converts other data types (word processor, database, spreadsheet, email and attachments, ZIP, Unicode, etc.) to HTML for display with highlighted hits. WebSearch is a component of DocuLex's flagship Archive Studio, a portfolio consisting of open system document management software including capture and retrieval programs for any business environment.