DocuLex Offers Native Data Search and Online Collaboration Capability

Mar 02, 2007

DocuLex Inc., creators of litigation support software delivers a native data search and collaboration tool, DC Detective, with the new version 5.0 of Discovery Cracker. DC Detective is a secure, browser based data preview tool designed to enable users to perform complex metadata searches as well as tagging, data grouping, and native review of their files. Users and their clients can collaborate to set their EDD strategy early, culling large volumes of data down, online, to discover what matters most for their case. Files selected in DC Detective are delivered to Discovery Cracker's command console where they are processed according to the projects requirements. DC Detective is hosted by DocuLex clients and included with every license of Discovery Cracker 5.0. It has no pre-set limit on the number of users accessing data, provided they've been granted security permissions by the administrator.