DocuLex Enables XML Export

Dec 13, 2005

DocuLex has enabled an XML export to iCONECTnxt software designed to simplify and expedite data loading. The XML export is a feature within DocuLex's Professional Capture and IP Studio products, allowing users to transport scanned images, metadata, and OCR into iCONECTnxt.

The iCONECTnxt XML import streamlines the seven-step data loading process into a single click. Eliminated is the need to create the database, fields, define field types, load data, load extracted or OCR text, hyperlink native files, and create image tables. All information can be directly exported from DocuLex's Professional Capture and IP Studio programs and imported into iCONECTnxt. Professional Capture is DocuLex's full-featured document capture application. Using bar codes, user-defined check box forms, OCR, and manual data entry, the software is of open-system configuration allowing for high volume document scanning and indexing, and is compatible with all major production scanner brands and models. IP Studio enables users to utilize networked PC power for high volume image printing, OCR, image endorsing, and PDF conversion.