DocuLex Announces WebSearch Connector

Feb 27, 2009

DocuLex announced the release of WebSearch Connector, a non-programmer solution for integration between DocuLex Archive Studio document management software and present applications. WebSearch Connector provides a pipeline between desktop applications and Archive Studio, allowing the user to execute document search and retrieval operations from desktop applications. The connector consists of reusable user interface (UI) components which embed content search and retrieval capabilities directly into the user's Windows desktop. WebSearch is now a workflow enabler, providing users the ability to share and amend native format documents, while organizing and tracking each amended version. The program's WorkSpace enables users to group sets of documents together to be shared with colleagues, and a discussion feature has been added for users to comment on document's content. Documents of any file type may be uploaded directly to WebSearch, indexed for native format storage and ease of access. A Replace/Append Meta field function has been added. SQL or SQL Express database support handles substantial file data storage. The Active Directory integration enables heightened security and user permission access and tracking.