DocuLex Announces Desktop Search 6.3

Jun 15, 2004

DocuLex, a provider of document imaging software, has announced the release of Version 6.3 of Desktop Search, enhancing electronic document search and retrieval. DocuLex Search is designed to instantly locate electronic document files among gigabytes of data, through both full-text and fielded data searching. The program searches all existing and imported files on CD-ROM or local network servers, using the user's desktop PC.

Features of DocuLex Desktop Search 6.3 include: over two dozen indexed, un-indexed, full-text, and fielded data search options; search capabilities including Boolean, phrase, phonic, numeric, proximity & direct proximity, fuzzy algorithm, concept/synonym/thesaurus and macro-frequency, either by individual or combined search types; display of PDF and Microsoft Office files with highlighted hits and field navigation options; a scrolling word list for feedback during a search; a field button showing all indexed document fields; customize thesaurus options; the ability to launch original applications per file type; and exporting of search results in various data formats.