DocuLex Adds Capability with WebSearch Content Management Software

Dec 19, 2008


DocuLex announced the addition of content control and compliance capability with WebSearch content management software. A component of DocuLex Archive Studio, WebSearch enables all email to be saved on an organization's server, with all body and attachment content organized and archived to assist in compliance with regulations including HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. Additional features of DocuLex Archive Studio's WebSearch content management software include integration with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. Another is SharePortal, which allows users to share content and collaborate with third party individuals or organizations without user logins. SharePortal can be utilized for sharing large or zipped files with outside vendors, customers and business associates. Automated Expirations were added to provide a self management effort of eliminating temporary access to invitations, files and folders made available by SharePortal permission and granted by WebSearch users. Workflow enabling Auto Notification is available for assignment to files and folders. The Records Retention addition to WebSearch provides an automated process of classifying a record to a particular records series.