DocAuto Releases New Version of the Watchdog Module

Aug 13, 2015

DocAuto, a globally trusted leader in Enterprise Content Management solutions and services, has released a new version of their Watchdog Module solution. The Watchdog Module lets administrators know what happens in WorkSite as it happens. This solution monitors all document activity within WorkSite servers and databases and sends alerts when suspicious user activity is detected, or other triggering events occur. 

This new release includes options for dynamic event thresholds, allowing administrators to alert on user activity that is above or below normal Standard Deviation volumes for specific activities. The Standard Deviation is calculated over a historical period of activity, then factored into the current monitoring interval to determine if the volume of activity is within the normal range for a specific user. This new feature allows for better monitoring of user activity. This release also includes new features to allow administrators to further customize alerts for their unique environment.