Divio Announces the Launch of django CMS Version 3.3

Jun 07, 2016

Version 3.3 of django CMS, the easy-to-use system for developers and content creators has received its official launch to market. Building upon the UX/UI and touch-screen features launched in version 3.2, the update has focused on enhancing quality and performance. Backed by Divio, an international digital products company focused on Python and Django development, django CMS is a free open-source application deployed by both small and large businesses--including NASA, PBS, L'Oreal and Canonical.

As an open-source project, django CMS is constantly being updated and improved. More than 300 developers have contributed to the application to date. Last month, the application reportedly received nearly 80,000 downloads, a figure that continues to rise.

These latest updates to the system will deliver boosted speeds,. Augmenting the quality of django CMS further, additional enhancements have been implemented to provide higher levels of usability and stability across the platform.