Divio Announces Release of django CMS 3.2.2

Mar 08, 2016

The developer-friendly CMS for content creators, django CMS, has officially launched version 3.2.2. This release consolidates the advances made in 3.2.0, which targeted UX/UI improvements and touch-screen support, with support for the latest version of Django and numerous bug-fixes across the system.

django CMS is now compatible with the latest version of Django, and supports the last four major releases of Django back to 1.6. django CMS 3.3 will drop support for versions of Django lower than 1.8.

Numerous minor issues have been addressed in this release, largely related to the front-end development of the previous release. One issue that could cause data corruption has been addressed, and the CMS now includes a dedicated management command to detect and repair similar problems in the future.