DigitalContainers and ePage International Partner for SWIFT Reader

Feb 25, 2005

DigitalContainers Inc. and ePage International have teamed to provide a secure electronic publishing solution called SWIFT Reader that is intended to enable publishers to generate incremental revenue from archived material. The publishing solution is designed to duplicate the experience of reading print material online and also protect digital content regardless of whether it is downloaded from a Web-front store or shared by friends, ensures that content owners are appropriately compensated for content each time a new reader views it, and provides a way to recommend and sell additional related digital content or physical goods and online advertising. One of the first markets the companies will be targeting is the comic book industry.

ePage provides a distributable electronic publishing that is designed to enable books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, catalogues, directories, newsletters, and more to be delivered on screen in the style of print and allows publishers and marketers to apply their traditional print business model to the electronic arena. ePage International Pte Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Virtual Publishing Company Ltd.

DigitalContainers' products provide self-contained file protection, authentication, and secure ecommerce in an effort to help the creators of digital media--music, videos, documents, software, games and other intellectual property--to monetize digital goods by creating, packaging, registering, and releasing them into the global market. Intellectual property is enclosed in "secure ecommerce objects" that are intended to provide protection, marketing, tracking, shopping cart, and financial transactions in a single file and do not depend on proprietary software being pre-installed on playback devices.