DigitalContainers Offers Ecommerce-Enabled DRM

Dec 12, 2003

DigitalContainers Inc. has announced that its solutions are designed to provide ecommerce-enabled digital rights management (DRM) solutions for use in peer-to-peer networks, creating a global market for digital goods. DigitalContainers' technology is intended to allow intellectual property owners to preserve the monetary value of digital content as it travels from content owner to consumer or from consumer to other consumers by protecting it from unauthorized use and enforcing appropriate payment terms and conditions.

According to the recent white paper "Integrating DRM with P2P Networks: Enabling the Future of Online Content Business Models" by Bill Rosenblatt, president of GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies and managing editor of the Jupitermedia newsletter DRM Watch, integration of DRM into P2P architectures is inevitable, as IP owners try to walk the fine line between embracing functionality that users want and maintaining control over their IP. The white paper proposes that DRM systems should: Be able to support a user's reasonable content usage expectations; Provide simple ways to define and implement content business models, including rights specifications and commerce terms; Embrace standards for creating content rights specifications; and Support Web services to foster the development of services that P2P network participants can use in conjunction with DRM schemes to create new types of content-related services with minimized cost and complexity. Both the "Integrating DRM with P2P Networks" white paper and a white paper detailing DigitalContainers' technology are available for download on DigitalContainers' Web site