DigitalContainers Inc. Receives Notice of Patent Allowance

Mar 30, 2004

DigitalContainers Inc. has received a Notice of Allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office for its "Tracking Electronic Content" technology. The system has been designed so that the company's Digital Containers persistently report the identification of, and provide information about, any new user that opens a Digital Container and accesses its protected content.

The central concept of "Tracking Electronic Content" is that access to electronic content can be tracked as it passes from user to user, whether they use the Internet, P2P networks, email, or physical media. The tracking is accomplished by sending and receiving notification information as each successive user accesses or attempts to access the electronic content. The notification information can include any of the following: the user's name, email address, or credit card number; demographic data collected from the user interactively; and/or system or network identification information derived from the user's computer.

Once the notification information has been sent to an address that is determined by the original sender, access to the content is then selectively granted based on previously defined criteria. This access granting mechanism also ties into the token authorization/payment processing concept patented by DigitalContainers in "Regulating Access to Digital Content" and intended to create a SuperDRM system that is suitable for use in the music, film, ebook, and enterprise markets.

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