DigitalContainers Inc. Obtains Patents

Sep 26, 2003


DigitalContainers Inc. has purchased patent number 6,389,541 and associated pending patents for the use of symmetric key/token-based encryption and other related technologies from Wachovia Bank. DigitalContainers is using the patented technology to create an authentication and ecommerce system designed to securely send digital goods, such as music or videos, research reports, healthcare information, or billing statements, over the Internet, email, instant messaging, or peer-to-peer networks.

DigitalContainers handles the creation, packaging, distribution, receipt auditing, copyright control, monetary transaction, and rules for redistribution and copying all types of digital information. Unlike other file delivery/DRM products, a Digital Container is designed to carry graphics and media on its "cover" for document identification, promotional branding, and sales purposes. The cover can look like anything the owner of the content wishes, for example, a CD jewel box or a book cover. The media can be a combination of audio, video, text, and graphics and can preview or advertise the product locked inside.

When it's time to purchase, the Digital Container collects the payment or use information directly from the purchaser and delivers this information back to the content owner. When the transaction is complete the purchaser is granted access to the information. If that person decides to share the content with friends, the container returns to its "traveling salesman" state, repeating the buying process for the subsequent user while leaving the goods safely locked to the original purchaser's devise.