DigitalContainers Announces Patent

Mar 21, 2006

DigitalContainers Inc. has announced that it received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its "Delivering Electronic Content" technology. With the allowance of this patent application, DigitalContainers has been granted protection for a system which allows "containerized" digital content--for example, a song, video, or travel brochure--to be promoted and the request fulfilled from banner and flash advertising on any Web site or in an instant message or email.

When taken in conjunction with the company's previously awarded patents, "Regulating Access to Digital Content," US Patent No. 6,389,541, and "Tracking Electronic Content," US Patent No. 6,751,670, they provide an architecture for a superdistribution system that delivers, protects, tracks, authorizes, and monetizes any type of digital goods.

Features of the application include: the ability to work in any environment: peer-to-peer or centralized network, email or instant messaging-based distribution; the ability to create virtual kiosks by providing instant "one click" fulfillment of digital content requests from banner ads, flash ads, and Web pages; support digital content types: music, video previews, reports, ebooks, brochures, catalogues, travel information, etc.; the ability to work with the family of DCI technologies that track and monetize downloaded files; token-based content licensing and device locking; a payment gateway travels with the content and utilizes payments systems, including credit cards, micro payments, and phone cards; and backend system support for multi-level marketing and pays everyone in the value chain, including the rights holder, the distributor, and the network.