Digital Rapids and Cinnafilm Integrate Automated Media Transformation and Standards Conversion Solutions

Mar 25, 2014

Digital Rapids, a provider of media transformation and workflow solutions for bringing video to wider audiences, and Cinnafilm, Inc., a provider of file-based image processing technology, announced that Cinnafilm's Tachyon standards conversion solution has now been integrated with the Digital Rapids Transcode Manager 2 automated media transformation software and its underlying Kayak workflow platform.

Available immediately as an optional component integrating directly into the Kayak platform, Tachyon's standards conversion and correction capabilities can be incorporated quickly into users' customized, automated Transcode Manager 2 and Kayak workflows through the visual Kayak Workflow Designer. Built around Cinnafilm's phase correlation-based motion compensation engine and leveraging NVIDIA GPU-based processing, the Tachyon component provides high-quality frame rate conversion; inverse telecine with advanced cadence correction; high-quality de-interlacing and more. Cinnafilm's algorithms can automatically fix issues including broken 3:2 pulldown patterns and composited images with mismatched cadence. The new Tachyon component takes advantage of the 16-bit precision of the Kayak platform's processing pipeline for maximum visual fidelity.

The enterprise-class Transcode Manager 2 software blends media file transformation and workflow processes while offering exceptional efficiency, scalability and agility for applications from post production and archive to multiscreen distribution..