Digital Marketing Dominates When It Comes to Getting Women to Shop

May 10, 2016

Fluent, LLC, an IDI company and a provider of people-based digital marketing and customer acquisition, released a new research report entitled, "Marketing to Women: 2016". The report covers a range of topics of interest to business-to-consumer marketers, spanning everything from which types of media American adult women are most likely to find influential in their shopping decisions, to the growing roles of social media and mobile apps in product discovery, research, and purchasing.

Digital marketing channels are more likely to drive purchases among women who engage with them. 72% of women who sign up for mobile notifications, 71% of those who follow brands on social media, and 53% of those who have signed up for email marketing newsletters say that these marketing channels have made them "more likely to make a purchase." By comparison, just 41% say the same for TV ads, 35% for newspaper or magazine ads, and 26% for both radio ads and billboards.

Mobile app adoption is strong, but there is room for improvement when it comes to mobile shopping experiences. More than half (55%) say they at least sometimes download mobile shopping apps for the stores they regularly visit, but 76% say they primarily use these apps just to browse merchandise.

Facebook dominates as the preferred social media network for following brands. Despite the rising popularity of upstarts like Snapchat and Instagram, when it comes to commercial interactions, Facebook leads the pack, with 77% of women calling it their preferred social media network for following brands.

Women overwhelmingly prefer gender-neutral ads. 73% of women say they at least sometimes receive marketing messages directed specifically to women, but the tactic may not be as effective as marketers think, with 74% of women saying they prefer messages that are gender neutral.