Digital Bazar Announces Bitmunk

Jul 30, 2004


Digital Bazar, Inc. has announced an online file distribution service called Bitmunk that is designed to make sure the artists and labels whose work is available for P2P file trading get paid by paying consumers to distribute their favorite music while ensuring a cut for the artists. Bitmunk allows any artist to list their songs for sale, associating a royalty with each song or album. No matter who sells the work on Bitmunk, the artist always gets the royalty deposited directly into their bank account. Anybody can re-sell the files so that every artist always has the option of a mass distribution channel. The company has provided a preview version of their software and service, code-named Bitmunk Beta, for the general public to use. Bitmunk will be available for free use for the next several months; the final Bitmunk service is targeted for a Q4 2004 launch.