Digimarc Launches ImageBridge Enterprise 2.0

Apr 20, 2004


Digimarc Corporation has announced the launch of Digimarc ImageBridge Enterprise 2.0, designed to deliver enhanced digital image tracking and monitoring capabilities for organizations that conduct image-driven marketing campaigns online directly or through channel partners. ImageBridge Enterprise 2.0 is targeted at image-intensive markets such as entertainment, real estate, manufacturing, and consumer brand companies that use digital image assets as a key component of their online marketing efforts.

ImageBridge Enterprise 2.0 is intended to allow companies to monitor use of image assets beyond their enterprise boundaries through: automated tracking and reporting of channel partner compliance with marketing programs by tracking use of images on the partner web sites; automated searching for unauthorized uses of images on the public Internet, as part of a copyright compliance program; and integrating ‘beyond-the-network' tracking with existing asset management systems.

Digimarc has also announced new pricing and branding for the ImageBridge individual user solution - now branded as Digimarc MyPictureMarc. MyPictureMarc is designed to enable creative artists, Web designers, and photographers to communicate copyrights and track use of their images on the public Internet. MyPictureMarc subscriptions will be offered with new tiered pricing - ranging from Personal subscription, which includes digitally watermarking up to 100 images to Professional, which provides watermarking up to 10,000 images along with the ability to monitor MyPictureMarc-enabled images across the public Internet.

(http://www.digimarc.com), (http://www.mypicturemarc.com)