Digimarc ImageBridge 2005 Integrates with North Plains TeleScope DAM System

Apr 26, 2005


Digimarc Corporation and North Plains Systems have announced the availability of Digimarc ImageBridge as an I-Piece plug-in to the North Plains TeleScope digital asset management system, providing increased brand protection and image tracking capabilities for TeleScope users.

Digimarc Corporation has also announced the launch of Digimarc ImageBridge 2005, which introduces advanced image identification and search capabilities in an effort to offer enterprise customers improvements in image tracking on the Internet. ImageBridge 2005 is designed to enable users to reduce the time and effort necessary to monitor usage of their image assets on the Web. ImageBridge searches specific priority Internet sites for time-sensitive feedback and conducts a broader Internet search for global coverage. ImageBridge helps customers respond to unauthorized use of their brands, logos, and images quickly and more effectively. As part of the ImageBridge 2005 launch, Digimarc also announced a partnership with PicScout Ltd, based in Herzelia, Israel. PicScout will provide new Internet search and identification capabilities for ImageBridge.

North Plains Systems, a provider of digital asset management (DAM) software and solutions, works with brand and content companies to manage and distribute their media content. With the integration of Digimarc ImageBridge 2005, brand and product managers can now give their images an identity and monitor digital image assets as they are distributed both inside and outside of a company's network. TeleScope serves as an initiation and staging platform for providing essential digital asset management services such as data modeling, metadata management, workflow automation, version control, asset security, and privileges as well as device and storage management. Digimarc ImageBridge 2005 digital watermarking weaves a traceable identifier into images, while the ImageBridge 2005 tracking system monitors the Internet and specified URLs, reporting to brand owners where and when their images were found on the public Web.
(www.digimarc.com; www.northplains.com)