Digication Adds e-Textbooks to e-Portfolios

Jan 11, 2008

Digication Inc., a provider of e-Portfolios, announced that it has partnered with Davis Publications, a provider of art education textbooks, to combine e-Portfolios and Web 2.0 technologies with the content found in traditional textbooks. Teachers will now be equipped with an easy-to-use tool designed to enhance their own teaching and planning, while also showcasing their students' accomplishments and enhancing their development of 21st century skills. Teachers can use the Digication platform to access the Davis e-Textbooks, and create and customize their lesson plans and course curriculum based on the material. Lesson plans can be broken out by days, weeks, content, assignments, discussions, and more—all pulling from the Davis content library with standard guides. Davis and Digication chose Texterity, a provider of digital editions of printed materials, to provide the e-Textbook technology services.

(www.digication.com, www.davisart.com)