Dieselpoint Releases Search 3.5

Apr 19, 2005

Dieselpoint, a provider of search software, has announced a new version of Dieselpoint Search, which is designed to provide an all-Java solution to the problem of finding information in documents, databases, and XML. Dieselpoint Search fully supports full-text search, but the software also allows metadata facets to be exposed in the search interface, enabling guided browsing via dynamically-generated hyperlinks. This faceted navigation feature allows end users to do things like drill-down through categories (e.g. song genre) to find results, rather than just doing a text search; the interface can guide the user toward possible choices. With this release, Dieselpoint adds enhanced support for taxonomy-driven searches. In Version 3.5, there is a new taxonomy datatype that lets developers take advantage of interrelationships between attributes. In addition, new internal indices for taxonomy attributes are automatically generated. Other features in version 3.5 include the ability to preprocess and modify data prior to indexing; enhanced crawling, indexing and logging features; extended support for wildcard-based searches; and "secure search" support for sensitive or confidential data. A fully functional version of Dieselpoint 3.5 is available for download online.