Dialog & InfoChem Offer Chemical Structure Searching

May 10, 2005

Dialog, a Thomson business and provider of online-based information services and integrated information solutions, has partnered with InfoChem GmbH, a global market leader in chemical structure and reaction handling and retrieval, to provide users of its Dialog online service with chemical structure searching of more than 10 million chemical compounds. Dialog users can conduct chemical structure searches within databases of chemical information, including: Beilstein Facts (Dialog File 390), Derwent Chemistry Resource (File 355), Prous Drug Data Report (File 452), and Pharmaprojects (Files 128, 928).

The new chemical structure searching feature is powered by the InfoChem Cartridge, a tool developed by InfoChem to integrate chemical structure and reaction retrieval in relational database management systems (RDBMS). The application uses the InfoChem Fast Search Engine (ICFSE) to handle and search within millions of structures and reactions. Through its alliance with InfoChem, Dialog also is offering substructure highlighting, allowing users to analyze and refine their search results.

The chemical structure search functionality was released earlier this year as part of the new and enhanced features available through DialogLink 5, a software package used by information professionals to manage in-depth research and distribution of retrieved results to others within a company and other organizations. Once a chemical compound is identified, Dialog users may link to related research sources, such as patent documents, articles published in scholarly journals, news reports about manufacturers, and other content options. DialogLink 5 software is now available for free download online.
(www.dialog.com; www.infochem.de; www.thomson.com)