Dialog Upgrades NewsEdge

Dec 23, 2003

Dialog, a Thomson business and provider of online-based information services and integrated information solutions, has announced a series of upgrades to Dialog NewsEdge, its industry-specific, personalized current awareness and news alerting service for corporations, that is expected to facilitate information sharing within subscribing organizations. Dialog NewsEdge combines news, analysis, and research from a variety of sources. The service delivers news and research throughout the working day, and includes a searchable archive of content appropriate for the subscribing organization.

The upgrades include improved methods for printing, saving, and sharing multiple delivered and retrieved documents. The new "shared user" feature allows multiple users within an organization to access document sets without the potential for disrupting automated, ongoing search queries set up and managed by a single authorized user. An additional enhancement is the highlighting of search terms within retrieved documents, enabling users to more quickly judge the relevance of articles and reports.

(http://www.dialog.com), (http://www.thomson.com)