Dialog Targets Small Business Specialty Markets; Increases Content Available Through Insite Service

May 23, 2003

Dialog, a Thomson business and a provider of online-based information services and integrated information solutions, is now offering additional content channels through its DialogPRO service for small businesses worldwide. The new content channels are Energy, Engineering, Patent, and Trademark. Dialog packages the information it gathers to create the individual DialogPRO (Predictable Research Online) content channels as strategic tools for small business owners and managers. Each content channel is designed to best match the information needs of individual DialogPRO subscribers.

The new DialogPRO Energy channel is designed to offer energy industry professionals the information resources they need to generate product development ideas, identify new business opportunities, and monitor industry trends and news. Content sources include trade publications, such as Coal Week, Global Power Report, Oil Daily, and Platts Oilgram News, among others. Users can also access a collection of research compiled by the U.S. Department of Energy. The new DialogPRO Engineering channel is geared toward professionals in the engineering, chemistry and life sciences fields. The service may be used to conduct literature searches, monitor trends and news, research emerging technologies and track competitive developments. Among other information resources, the DialogPRO Engineering channel offers access to a collection of research literature. Specific sources include the Ei Compendex database, which features abstracted papers from engineering and technological literature. The new DialogPRO Patent channel gives professionals across a variety of industry and market segments the ability to access full-text patent documents in order to manage new product development, determine competitive positioning, ensure legal compliance, identify family connections between products and technologies, and track industry trends. Content available through DialogPRO Patent includes the Derwent World Patent Index; the INPADOC database; and the U.S. Patents Fulltext database. The fourth new content channel, DialogPRO Trademark, offers information for intellectual property professionals on global trademarks, common law collections, and Internet domain names. Specific sources available through DialogPRO Trademark channel include the Global TRADEMARKSCAN database collection, and the Domain Names database, a recently launched Dialog service that features more than 95 million records related to current and past Internet domain names. In addition to four new content channels now available, other content channel options previously launched include: Advertising, Biotech, Competitive Intelligence, Consulting, Defense, and News.

Dialog has also announced that it has added content from about 850 publications to InSite, its online service that offers business users access to collections of specialized content. The 850 new publications now available for full-text searching and article retrieval represent a 36 percent increase in content available through InSite, the company said. The new content includes publications focused on topics such as health, the pharmaceutical industry, technology, law, advertising, defense, economics, and general business issues. The publications represent a cross section of business research and reporting published worldwide, with sources drawn from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. InSite now has a total of more than 5,000 sources available, including a five-year archive for most of the sources. Dialog added that there is no increase in the price of InSite subscriptions resulting from the larger content pool now available through the service. InSite is one of the products offered by the formerly independent Intelligence Data, now part of Dialog. Other Intelligence Data products now offered through Dialog are Intelliscope (featuring investment research) and Intrascope, which supplies content to enterprise intranets.

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