Dialog Offers "Dialog Choice" Pricing Option

Feb 06, 2004

Dialog, a Thomson business and provider of online-based information services and integrated information solutions, is now offering a fixed-fee enterprise pricing plan called Dialog Choice. The new pricing option is now available to corporations, government agencies, law firms and other enterprises that need to make in-depth information resources available on the desktops of professionals throughout their organizations. Dialog Choice features flat-fee annual subscriptions for unlimited access to selected information databases of high-value content provided by information providers, with customized pricing based on the databases selected and by the number of individuals to be granted unlimited access to those resources.

Subscribing enterprises may now opt for a Dialog Choice fixed annual fee to offer one or more of the available databases to a specified number of professionals within their organizations. A pharmaceutical company, for example, might make databases of clinical and toxicological data available to its research and compliance departments worldwide, while a law firm might select a global collection of databases containing fulltext patents for its intellectual property department.

Online searching of information databases not covered by a Dialog Choice subscription will continue to be billed according to whatever pricing schedule a customer has with Dialog. For example, a company for which in-depth competitive intelligence is researched by one office may decide to continue paying on a transactional basis for access to those information resources while providing Dialog Choice enterprise-wide access to scientific, technical and medical research required by the larger audience. Or they may decide to pay for the most commonly used databases on a fixed-fee basis while continuing to pay on a transactional basis for databases used less frequently across the enterprise.

To date, more than 40 information providers have agreed to make their content available for Dialog Choice pricing plans. The current Dialog Choice roster includes many of the most frequently used databases offered by Dialog, including ones focused on various aspects of chemical research, economics, and medicine and health, among other topics. In the intellectual property arena, a number of databases containing information on patents are available for Dialog Choice pricing, including European Patents Fulltext, JAPIO - Patent Abstracts of Japan, INPADOC/Family and Legal Status, U.S. Patents Fulltext, and WIPO/PCT Patents Fulltext. Information providers now offering their content through Dialog Choice subscriptions include the American Economic Association, CAB International, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Dechema, Economist Intelligence Unit, Elsevier Engineering Information, Elsevier Science, Fraunhofer Informationszentrum Raum und Bau, IFIS, National Library of Medicine, National Technical Information, IPA and RAPRA Technology, among others. Gale Group, also a Thomson business and another leading aggregator of information from around the world, also is supporting the new Dialog Choice pricing option for Dialog users. All of the Gale databases accessible through Dialog now are available through Dialog Choice.

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