Dialog Makes Newsroom Available Through NewsEdge; Adds Searchable Database Of Internet Domain Names

Dec 06, 2002

Dialog, a Thomson business and a provider of online-based information services and integrated information solutions, announced that its Dialog NewsRoom service, a database of more than 7,000 news sources from around the world, is now available through the Dialog NewsEdge service. Dialog NewsEdge is an industry-specific, personalized current awareness and news alerting service for corporations. It combines news, analysis, and research culled from thousands of global sources with customized editorial relevance ranking, managed by editors specializing in specific industry sectors. Launched in March 2002, Dialog NewsRoom is a database of news sources that may be searched simultaneously using a single search command. Content sources include broadcast transcripts, newspapers (including hundreds of newspapers from around the world), periodicals, newswires, trade and scholarly journals, and other content sources, in English and ten other languages, drawn from nearly 100 countries. A large proportion of sources have archives going back to 2000, with some extending back to 1990. Document pricing is $2.95 per document, with unlimited usage subscription pricing available. In addition to Dialog NewsEdge, Dialog customers may access the news service through a variety of other Dialog services.  It is a stand-alone Web-based service available through subscription, and also a component of other online services offered by Dialog, including the Dialog-branded platform of online services, Dialog DataStar, Dialog Profound, and Intelligence Data InSite. Users of the stand-alone service can now access Dialog NewsRoom Publications List through the Web-based service.

Among the recently added content sources (and their countries of origin) now available for full-text searching and article retrieval through Dialog NewsRoom are: Business A.M. (United Kingdom--weekday newspaper covering Scottish business, government, culture and society); Business Standard (India--publishers of Business Daily, with regional editions and supplements); Emerald (United Kingdom--publishers of management and library and information services journals); Heren Reports (United Kingdom--produced by energy data reporting service PH Energy Analysis Ltd. Reports cover European energy markets in English and German); Newspress (France--online distributor of official news releases issued by various units of French government); Prime Tass (Russia--news service offering its English-language newswire, covering general news and business topics in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States); and Le Temps (Switzerland--French-language newspaper published in Geneva). Previously added content sources include the Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Financial Times, The South China Morning Post and numerous others. Dialog said it will continue adding content sources from around the world to the Dialog NewsRoom service.

Dialog has also announced the launch of a searchable database of more than 65 million current and historic Internet domain name records. The database includes records for about 20 million currently active domain names, with most containing detailed "Whois" information. The Whois record attached to a domain name is part of a publicly available registration document that lists registrant and technical information for each domain name. Unlike the simple domain name look-up services available on the open Web, Dialog subscribers may search from more than 50 indexed Whois data fields contained in domain registrations, including the registrant's name, corporate affiliation, address, phone number and specific technical information such as IP addresses. The domain names database might be used by Dialog subscribers for: trademark clearance, litigation and infringement investigations; new product development; audits of domain names during merger or acquisition due diligence; maintenance of product names and internal corporate domain name inventories; monitoring competitors; or criminal investigations by law enforcement officials, including cyber crime. Unique to the new Dialog database is historic information that allows users to follow trails of domain registration transfers and changes. The new content source is available through the online services DialogWeb, DialogClassic and DialogLink. Containing more than 65 million records - a number Dialog says it expects to expand in the months ahead - the new database, File #225, is now Dialog's largest single database. The database includes data from several leading registrars from around the world, including VeriSign, BulkRegister, DomainPeople, DomainSite, eNameCo, eNom, MelbourneIT, NamesBeyond and Tucows. Additional registrars will be added later.

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