Dialog Enhances Biosis Previews Database

Feb 10, 2004

Dialog, a Thomson business and provider of online-based information services and integrated information solutions, has enhanced the BIOSIS Previews database available through its Dialog and Dialog DataStar online services.

In addition to print publishing, BIOSIS also produces electronic databases, used for life sciences research, that integrate different types of content focused on various fields of biology. Included are abstracts from thousands of sources, such as articles from professional journals, meetings and conference proceedings, patents, book chapters and more. The databases are supported by an extensive array of indexing and categorizing tools to facilitate document searching and retrieval.

BIOSIS Previews, one of the BIOSIS databases available through the Dialog and Dialog DataStar services, contains citations from Biological Abstracts (BA), and Biological Abstracts/Reports, Reviews, and Meetings (BA/RRM) (formerly BioResearch Index), both major publications from BIOSIS. Biological Abstracts includes approximately 350,000 accounts of original research annually from almost 4,000 primary journals. Biological Abstracts/RRM includes an additional 200,000+ citations a year from meeting abstracts, reviews, books, book chapters, notes, letters, and selected reports. A selection of U.S. patents is also included. Researchers across a wide range of industries and organizations--including companies in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, agricultural, food processing and related sectors, as well as government bodies--access BIOSIS databases to track advancements in the life sciences, such as new product development, news, and regulatory compliance.

Enhancements to the BIOSIS Previews database available through the Dialog and Dialog DataStar services include: the addition of CAS Registry Numbers to more than nine million BIOSIS Previews records; the addition of more than 6,300 sequence data accession numbers; and the addition of BIOSIS Major Concepts, an indexing field that enables researchers to identify and retrieve targeted information by conceptual terms, now added to every citation back to 1969. Other improvements to BIOSIS Previews include additional revisions to indexing fields, such as newly added taxonomical terms, revised biosystematic codes and revised mapping of Medical Subject Heading Disease terms.

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