Dialog Announces Web Service; Strategic Alliance

Dec 02, 2003

Dialog, a Thomson business and provider of online-based information services and integrated information solutions, has announced the launch of its Dialog Application Programming Interface (API), a Web Service designed to enable Dialog's content collection and search engine to be integrated into Web sites, enterprise portals, corporate intranets and extranets, software applications, and other interactive services.

Dialog API is designed for Web site developers, software programmers, enterprise information managers, and others to integrate content--covering news, business intelligence, current and archived journal articles, patents, and research across industries and topics--along with the Dialog search engine. Dialog API is based on XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and also incorporates Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). The use of XML and SOAP means that within the Dialog API service, Dialog documents and the search engine can be incorporated into Web sites and networks regardless of the platform those downstream services use.

An example of new information distribution channels is the recently announced strategic alliance between Dialog and Cymfony, Inc., a business intelligence software and services company. In October, Dialog and Cymfony announced that they are now bundling Dialog content--including business, trade, and consumer publications; content from the pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare industries, among others; local market intelligence; and news coverage from 80 countries in 11 languages--with Cymfony Brand Dashboard, a media measurement and analytics application. Brand Dashboard allows direct access to news, editorial content, broadcast transcripts, and research about brands, markets, analysts, and competitors. Brand Dashboard's message and issue tracking, tonal analysis, performance metrics, and executive reporting are offered in an online application.

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