Dialog Adds Trademarks To IP Portfolio

Jul 29, 2005

Dialog, a Thomson business and provider of online-based information services and integrated information solutions, has announced that it has added TRADEMARKSCAN-Mexico (File 668) to its portfolio of intellectual property records and research gathered from around the world.

TRADEMARKSCAN-Mexico includes approximately 500,000 trademark registrations filed with Mexican authorities from 1976 to the present with additional information available on published registrations from 1993 forward. It also includes most trademarks filed before 1976. Goods and services information is translated into English and may be searched in either English or Spanish. Data in TRADEMARKSCAN-Mexico is updated upon publication of the trademark gazette issued by the Mexican government. Dialog Alerts can be established in TRADEMARKSCAN-Mexico to deliver information on new registrations. Also included in TRADEMARKSCAN-Mexico are trademark images, slogans and business name information. Users can search for trademark records by keywords and locate trademark owners, view trademark images, and see similar trademarks in the same class of goods or services.

(www.dialog.com; www.thomson.com)