Dialog Adds Adverse Drug Events Data

Feb 03, 2004

Dialog, a Thomson business and provider of online-based information services and integrated information solutions, has added data on adverse drug events to the collection of pharmaceutical industry news and research available through the Dialog-branded family of online services. Dialog offers the adverse drugs events data in a single searchable database format.

Researchers, regulatory compliance and quality control professionals, product development specialists, and others in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as doctors, regulators, and legal practitioners focused on drugs, healthcare, and related topics, use Dialog and its sister service Dialog DataStar to conduct research, track industry news, and monitor competitors. The new adverse drug reactions content, known as DIOGENES: Adverse Drug Events Database (File 181), is produced and supplied to Dialog by the Gaithersburg, Maryland-based FOI Services, Inc., which also provides both Dialog and Dialog DataStar with DIOGENES: FDA Regulatory Updates database (Dialog File 158/DataStar DIOG).

The Adverse Drugs Events Database contains records about patient experiences with commercially available drugs or combinations of drugs as reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Drug manufacturers, individuals, health professionals, and distributors generate the reports to the FDA. Each report includes such data as FDA numbers and receipt date, manufacturer's report number, drug name, reaction date, patient age and sex, reported reactions, outcomes, and concomitant drugs used. The new Dialog database contains records starting in 1969, when the FDA began requiring reporting of adverse drug reactions. In 1997, the FDA changed its reporting regulations to require submission of more comprehensive information, which allows the records available through Dialog from 1997 onward to be more comprehensive.

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