Detecon Releases Report on Video Streaming

Oct 14, 2005

Detecon, Inc., a global consulting firm for the communications and information technology industry, has released its new Opinion Paper entitled, "Playout Intelligence: Generate winning margins in the video on demand market." Detecon's paper describes how service providers will need to combine an available playout platform with business supporting features such as digital rights management (DRM), billing, data mining, and an interactive feed forward/backward quality framework for the whole video delivery chain. This includes the pre-processing, encoding, complete data transmission, decoding, post-processing and the display of the content with a framework for end-to-end quality. Detecon calls this framework "Playout Intelligence."

Detecon also makes several predictions about changes to come in streaming media and VoD. These predictions include: new competitors--new entrepreneurial providers of VoD and IPTV services will emerge, as seen with voice services like Skype, which are not operated by a transport provider, but merely rely on the available basic network quality; independent "Seal of Approval"--service providers will seek to brand their offers with an independent "Seal of Approval" that connotes a quality experience for end users, such as THX and Dolby; customer service nightmares--customer service will be a significant challenge for service providers delivering new offers which combine multiple technologies, interfaces, and CRM infrastructure; and quality control for other applications--Detecon's Playout Intelligence framework could also better enable other end user applications. An Executive Summary of Detecon's Opinion Paper on Playout Intelligence is available at the Web site.