Descartes Selects Percussion's Rhythmyx Content Management System

Feb 11, 2003

Percussion Software, a content management vendor, has announced that The Descartes Systems Group Inc., a provider of logistics solutions, has selected the company's Rhythmyx content management system in an effort to expedite its content production process and to ease the management of its Web site. In a phased approach, Descartes plans to initially implement Rhythmyx to drive specific projects on its corporate Web site. Descartes will also use Rhythmyx to aid in additional projects related to its intranet, which provides its employees access to the company's central document repository, corporate procedures, and updated human resources information. Percussion integrates its content management methodology into Rhythmyx, thereby reducing the time and skill level required to execute content initiatives, transferring ownership of the system back to the customer, and lowering the total cost of ownership.