Derwent Innovations Index Expands Chemistry Content and Search Functionality

Mar 25, 2003

Thomson Derwent has announced Derwent Innovation Index version 4.0. The latest version of the Web-based patents resource merges Derwent World Patents Index--a database of patent documents--with Derwent Patents Citation Index, which provides coverage of patent citations from six patent-issuing authorities. New offerings in version 4.0 include enhanced chemistry content and search functionality. The new features for chemists include: Chemical structure searching--search for patent information using chemical structures; Links to images of Derwent Documentation Abstracts (optional subscription; Fragmentation code searching--search on chemical structure fragments, and use or activity; Links with DiscoveryGate from MDL--link from DiscoveryGate to records in Derwent Innovations Index. In addition, Derwent Innovations Index version 4.0 integrates content from Derwent Chemistry Resource--the companion file of chemical structures that is cross-searchable with the chemical information within Derwent World Patents Index. The new version will also offer links to the full text patent documents from a customized version of the Thomson Patent Store. Derwent Innovations Index version 4.0 will be available in April 2003.

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