Department Of Defense Selects Convera

Jun 17, 2003

Convera has been selected to provide multimedia search solutions to the Department of Defense's new Visual Information Management System (VIMS). VIMS is intended to be a standard for digital asset repositories in the DOD and is designed to capture, edit, index, store, search, retrieve, distribute, and manage the Department of Defense's rich media digital assets, which include still images, video, audio, graphics, and eventually textual documents. The multimedia search portion of the VIMS contract was awarded to Convera by TranTech, Inc., the lead integrator on the $9 million VIMS project. Convera's RetrievalWare will be integrated into the VIMS Web-based ecommerce portal to enable users to search for and retrieve visual information from multimedia archives expected to grow substantially in size. Within the Department of Defense, there are approximately 700 databases that process and manage multimedia assets that RetrievalWare search can be made available to in follow on projects.  By accessing RetrievalWare, users of these databases will be able to look for video and images across all repositories that are part of VIMS. The VIMS project is headed by the American Forces Information Service (AFIS), an element within the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense. The VIMS solution initially will be used by AFIS, the Defense Visual Information Center (DVIC), the Joint Combat Camera Center (JCCC), and the Joint Visual Information Services Distribution Activity (JVISDA). The contract is to be administered through DISA, and made available as the standard VIMS solution to all Department of Defense and Federal Government agencies. Other partners brought on by TranTech as part of the VIMS team include Artesia, Atkins-Benham, Avid, ContentGuard and EMC.  Convera will partner with these companies to market the VIMS system to other Department of Defense offices and government agencies.

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