Mar 11, 2005, a new Web Video Show produced by and featuring Democratic bloggers, consultants, and activists, has launched. A cross between game show and political talk show, DemsTV can be found online at The inaugural program features Democratic pollster and MSNBC regular Margie Omero; pundit and Fox News Channel regular Sascha Burns;'s John Aravosis; screenwriter and lawyer Erik Huey; and Rock the Vote's Justin Paschal. will publish a new episode in a video-on-demand format every Tuesday at noon ET. In time, plans to expand its program offerings to include video blogs, Red State commentary, and live competitions for new talent. Daniel Manatt is the show's Executive Producer and Creator. is an independent for-profit media company and is not affiliated with the Democratic Party, Air America Radio, or the Gore TV venture. The company is managed by Manatt and Jonah Seiger, a Democratic Internet strategist, and is supported by a network of contributors, producers, bloggers, and technology experts from across the United States.