Demco Software Transforms Library Event Marketing with DiscoverLocal

Sep 13, 2017

Demco Software highlighted the far-reaching capabilities of DiscoverLocal, its latest offering that gives libraries priority in local search results. Launched in June 2017, the new product is a comprehensive discoverability tool that promotes libraries’ events and resources on the open web without requiring a library name to be mentioned in the search query.

When community members search for local events or activities, programs offered by libraries that use DiscoverLocal are displayed near the top of the results. Clicking a library result provides more information about the event, a way to register to attend, as well as details about library card signup and other available programs.

To use DiscoverLocal, libraries simply upload metadata via MARC records and the tool takes it from there, geotagging so search engines can discover each item. Search engines crawl tagged resources and events and promote them in results, providing searchers with the option to immediately reserve resources or to sign up for a library card if necessary.