Demandbase Releases Real-Time Identification Integration of

Sep 18, 2012

Demandbase, a real-time personalization and targeting platform for B2B, announced the availability of a Real-Time Identification API for, a solution that enhances Salesforce with critical details on prospects' engagement with a company's website. With Real-Time Identification for, valuable customer insight from Demandbase's proprietary platform that identifies otherwise anonymous web visitors and key corporate data, is pushed right into the CRM platform.

Real-Time Identification for Salesforce gives users the ability to summarize site activity with an at-a-glance "account pulse" graph for each prospect, providing intelligence that can be a powerful differentiator for sales teams. Users can also automate the generation of sales tasks and leverage the power of Chatter to enable social collaboration around the most valuable prospects.

Demandbase's Business Resolution Platform maps billions of IP addresses to millions of global companies without using cookies, and through the Real-Time Identification API, delivers corporate information in real time. The unique identification data provides business marketers with the ability to perform account based targeting that results in better website engagement and conversion.