Demandbase Releases Real-Time Company Identification Module For Google Analytics

Oct 04, 2012

Demandbase, Inc., a real-time personalization and targeting platform for marketers, announced the availability of a Real-Time Company Identification Module for Google Analytics. Real-Time Company Identification for Google Analytics provides users with previously unavailable information about the companies visiting a website, giving B2B marketers a new way to view, analyze and segment web traffic, including the ability to report traffic and behavior based on specific companies, industries, company sizes, revenue bands, and even CRM-based account status. 

Demandbase provides Google Analytics with information about a website visitor's company, including industry, size, location, revenue, and customer status. In addition to web analytics tools, the Demandbase platform can help improve marketing efficiency and performance of web chat, web forms, marketing automation, content management, and CRM systems.