Demandbase Introduces B2B Marketing Cloud

May 08, 2014

Demandbase, a provider of B2B advertising and personalization, introduced the B2B Marketing Clouda subscription-based marketing platform that enables businesses to precisely target accounts across the web, plan marketing, and ad spending, visualize performance, and tie acquisition costs for target accounts to revenue.

At the center of the B2B Marketing Cloud is Performance Manager, an interactive dashboard that brings ad impressions, web site activity and CRM data into a unified view. Demandbase Performance Manager graphically illustrates the specific levels of awareness, engagement, and conversion for each targeted audience and executed campaign. It connects data to any number of customers' existing marketing technologies, including marketing automation, CRM, analytics, chat and CMS programs.

With the Performance Manager, the B2B Marketing Cloud allows marketers to focus only on the specific accounts that matter most to the sales team and company's overall bottom line, and also offers a view of the complete marketing funnel for any account or business audience.