Demand for Content Reuse and Adoption of DITA, According to Poll

Nov 07, 2006

Astoria Software has revealed demand for content reuse and adoption of the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) standard, in a poll. Nearly 42% of the poll respondents estimated they have 15% to 25% reuse in their content. Nearly 41% estimated they have 25% to 50% reuse, and 17.7% estimated they have greater than 50% reuse. Overall, 164 attendees responded to the content reuse question. Around 46% of the poll respondents are investigating DITA, for use within their organizations, and 11.6% are currently implementing DITA. The rest either have no plans (24.9%) or are not sure of them (17.1%). In total, 181 attendees responded to the DITA query.