Demand Media Launches Pluck On Demand Distribution Platform

Nov 11, 2008

Demand Media, a provider of social media, announced the launch of Pluck On Demand, a free self-serve widget-based product. Pluck On Demand automatically reads content on a page and provides links to related articles and videos sourced from various content providers. Pluck On Demand also comes with social media features such as comments, ratings, recommendations, and user profiles, making it possible for publishers to build community on their sites. Pluck On Demand's library of articles and videos covers categories including autos, business, entertainment, finance, food, health, sports, and travel. The content is sourced from a selection of websites, blogs, editorial content, and premium brands. The Pluck On Demand library features content from Encyclopedia Britannica, Harvard Health Network, Kiplinger News Service, and editorial content from acclaimed columnists such as Andy Rooney, Dave Barry, and Liz Smith. Also included in the library are instructional articles and videos from eHow and Expert Village, as well as other content from, Service Magic, LendingTree,, FiLife and Reserve America.