Demand Media Changes Strategy, Slows Production of eHow Articles

Oct 13, 2011

Demand Media, a "content-farm" that uses thousands of freelance writers and editors to generate content for sites such as, has reportedly decided to lessen its pace, according to an email the company sent to its staff. The email told Demand Media's writers, who are responsible for producing more than 3 million articles on eHow in just a few years, that in order to prevent redundancy, fewer assignments would be doled out from now on.

Previously the bulk of work was focused on how-to articles, but the email said Demand planned to devote attention to different forms of content, including multimedia and longer feature stories, for Demand's other properties, which include and While Demand admits that some freelancers will be cut as the company takes on a new strategy, it says the new approach will also offer ways for writers to gain exposure on the site.

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