Dell EMC Announces LEAP Platform, Documentum Updates

Nov 03, 2016


Dell EMC Enterprise Content Division (ECD), a provider in the enterprise content management industry, introduced the Dell EMC LEAP Platform, a next-generation content management platform featuring a deep set of enterprise-grade content services that allow customers and partners to create their own apps, extend off-the-shelf LEAP apps, and integrate with third-party ISVs.

ECD also announced the general availability of two content management apps: LEAP Focus, which allows users to read and review content on mobile phones, and LEAP Express, designed to support digital approval workflows. In addition, ECD unveiled the Beta program for its LEAP Concert app, which enables the creation of a wide variety of documents in a collaborative but controlled environment.

The LEAP content platform includes the same set of micro-services used to build LEAP apps, now available through a beta program, to enable customers and partners to easily build their own apps or extend existing LEAP apps. Developers will have access to API documentation and tutorials, along with an intuitively designed developer center within the LEAP platform to quickly create apps that complement the Dell EMC Documentum content server by building apps that leverage content on premises or in the cloud.

Additionally. the Dell EMC Enterprise Content Division (ECD), announced the general availability of the latest version of the Dell EMC Documentum Platform, enterprise content management repository. The latest version, Documentum 7.3, aims to reduce total cost of ownership and time associated with upgrades by creating easier delivery and deployment of new applications and enabling a cloud-first strategy, both of which address the demands of existing customers and the broader content management community.