Delivra Introduces Marketing Automation Capabilities

Feb 11, 2016


Email marketing service provider and strategic campaign consultancy Delivra has unveiled its Drip Campaign Builder with the company's latest platform launch. It says Drip campaigns are key to growing email ROI, with research showing relevant, targeted emails in a drip marketing campaign housing the potential to produce 18 times more revenue than an email blast to all subscribers.

Delivra's Drip Campaign Builder gives users the ability to strategically plot out an entire email series, determining which mailings are sent based on a variety of subscriber actions, inactions, or time. Utilization of these marketing automation features free up time that is normally spent on segment creation and email scheduling.

Additional Drip Campaign features include a drag and drop interface; report groups that gather metrics on individual mailings to gauge effectiveness and continue to improve the automated series; improved targeting for all mailings based on engagement; ability to send automated SMS messages or a combination of email and SMS if subscribers are signed up for a relevant SMS list.

The latest Delivra platform also includes RSS feed integration, allowing users to pull in headlines, summaries, and images from a story to be utilized in mailing content. The company's Drag and Drop Editor has also been enhanced with an additional 225 cell groups to support more complex design layouts. Created by Delivra's expert designers, there are also nine new subscribe form template options that align with business' varying goals.