Deep Web Technologies Unveils Multilingual Federated Search

Jun 15, 2010

Deep Web Technologies released details about its multilingual translation capability using its federated search application., the international science portal, is the first application to be deployed with the technology. Multilingual federated search translates a user's search query into the native languages of the collections being searched, aggregates and ranks these results according to relevance, and translates result titles and snippets back to the user's original language.

Powered by Microsoft, the translation helps users search collections in multiple languages from a single search box in the user's native language. The multilingual translation capability augments the company's Explorit Research Accelerator federated search engine, allowing users to search multiple collections from different countries and languages simultaneously. This release of multilingual Explorit provides for searches of collections in English, Spanish, German, French, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.