Decent Partners With Pivotal Entertainment to Bring Blockchain Technology to Entertainment

Nov 29, 2017

DECENT, a global provider of blockchain technology, has teamed with Pivotal Entertainment as its official U.S. business partner. Pivotal, specializes in navigating the media and technology landscape, will engage with the film, television, music, publishing and fashion worlds to demonstrate how DECENT’s new blockchain-enabled platform will revitalize their industries.

DECENT is a platform designed specifically for the creative community. Owning their own blockchain technology (and not relying on third party solutions) allows DECENT to adapt and evolve their technology directly to the needs of the industry.

DECENT is looking to Pivotal Entertainment to build B2B and B2C awareness and excitement for their platform. First proposed in 2009, blockchain technology utilizes decentralized networks to create fast, secure transactions without the need for third-party authorization.