Day Software's New Web 2.0 Collaboration Solution

Nov 06, 2007

Day Software, a provider of global content management and content infrastructure software, announced general availability of its new Web 2.0 collaboration solution. Part of Day's Communique family of products, Communique Advanced Collaboration (CQ AC) offers wiki, blog, and calendar functionality. Providing centralized management for social media and essential metadata information, CQ AC is intended to enable connectivity to social computing, social networking, and user participation. The product also leverages Web 2.0 design features, such as an AJAX user interface, making ease-of-use a key benefit. Fully integrated with Day's CQ web content management, CQ AC leverages the Java Content Repository (JCR) industry standard for content access, JSR 170. In addition, CQ AC is meant to allow companies to move from information to participation, all within the context of an online platform used to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives. CQ AC Wiki offers easy editing via standard wiki syntax, version history and comparison, and email notification for content changes. Material created within the wiki is immediately indexed and available for full-text search. CQ AC Blog provides creation of blogs and posts, a rich text editor for content editing, and RSS support. CQ AC Calendar allows users to create event schedules, different views for time-based events, including calendar view and display of multiple event hierarchies.