Day Software Announces Digital Asset Management Solution

Apr 20, 2007

Day Software, a provider of global content management and content infrastructure software, has released a new, standalone digital asset management solution. Part of Communiqué, Day's enterprise content management suite, Communiqué Digital Asset Management (CQ DAM) leverages a Java Content Repository (JCR) that is JSR 170-based. The native JCR-standard-compliant DAM solution available, CQ DAM is expected to distribute in mid-2007.

Day's CQ DAM provides global, enterprise-wide access to digital assets via the web. The new solution includes DAM services such as a metadata management engine, version control, user and workgroup management, as well as integration with third-party tools. Day's CQ DAM also provides intellectual property protection by creating dynamic rules for each asset or asset class, in order to control access and user rights. The system includes the ability to watermark and track digital information, and control the use of individual components. The product also offers a workflow engine designed to enable the implementation of cross-organizational processes for content creation, editing, approval processing, quality control, metadata management, distribution, and archival.

Key features include: a browser-based user interface; Graphics Support; Video Support; Audio Support; Document Support; Process Support; Metadata support; Import and Export; and Versioning and Logging. Applications developed that leverage the industry standard API can run on any JSR 170-compliant repository.