Day Ships Latest Versions of Communique and CRX

Apr 17, 2007

Day Software, a provider of global content management and content infrastructure software, has announced the availability of Communique 4.2 and Content Repository Extreme (CRX) 1.3.1, a native JCR (JSR 170) standard compliant enterprise content management solution and Java Content Repository.

These latest releases of Communique and CRX contain key enhancements that are directed toward improving usability for all users--authors, administrators, and developers--and improvements scalability and performance designed to further facilitate all tasks related to the content life cycle in a global enterprise. Specific enhancements include active clustering of author instances, SAP portal integration and synchronization with Day's connector products providing an easy start to connect to third party repositories by using JCR connectors.

Applications developed that leverage the industry standard API can run on any JSR170 compliant repository, which represents a revolutionary shift in the content management industry. Previously, companies found their content locked away in proprietary legacy repositories. This new standard, of which Day spearheaded with the support of industry leaders, is focused on the customer by allowing them to access and use their most valuable information. Communique 4.2 ships with and runs natively on Day's innovative Java Content Repository (JCR), CRX.

Key Enhancements include: Synchronization with Day's Legacy Repository Connectors; Clustering of Author Instances with CRX; the addition of a Japanese User Interface; and an Add-On: Portal Adapter for SAP Portal 6.0.